Laetana’s swirling Bellydance show
A standard performance lasts from 15 to 20 minutes. The program may consists of several different options:

Powerful sword dance
On slow mesmerizing music, Laetana dances while balancing a sword on her head. Not without danger she graciously performs this amazing dance. The audience is captivated and breathlessly watches her every move. At the end of the performance, a sigh of relieve reverberates through the crowd followed by a thunderous applause.

Traditional Egyptian Cane dance
During the Turkish occupation of Egypt, it was forbidden for people to own any weapons. The cane was not recognized as a weapon, however, was being used as one.
The Cane dance is a martial arts dance portraying a fighting sequence and was originally performed by men. Much later women made it their own by turning the fight into a playful parody, coquettish and gay they move across the stage.
This tradition still lingers on and no wedding party in Egypt is complete without a belly dancer performing this dance. Wedding guests will show their appreciation by clapping along with the music.

High-spirited drum solos
The dancer makes fiery forceful movements to follow every beat of the drum. Every part of the body is isolated in turn – the belly, chest, hips, shoulders and head intensify the fiery staccato rhythms. The audience breath is taken away and they experience the drums and dancer have become one.

Sensual Veil dance
With this dance the dancer seduces the audience with her veil. Tantalizingly this dance covers and reveals the dancer’s body; sensuously with the transparent veil.
Very classy, full of grace and above all seductive.

Playful Zagat dance
The dancer will wear small brass finger cymbals during this dance. As castanets enhance the flamenco, these finger cymbals offer the dancer the opportunity to put more character into the Zagat dance. She playfully follows along with the rhythm of the music and mingles with the audience, teases and plays with her spectators.

Khaleegy Dance
A dance that originated in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region. The dancer will gracefully sway her hair along the rhythms of the music. Dressed in a beautifully adorned costume, subtle feminine movements are made to the undulating music.

Isis Wings
Isis, the Egyptian goddess, embraced and protected the world with her wings. The dancer gives an impression of this age old mythe. You will be taken along on a ethereal, whirling dance. During this all encompassing act with golden wings Isis is brought back to life.

Romantic candelabra dance
The lights are dimmed. Mysterious music ushers the dancer forward with an impressive candelabra on the head. The candle light of this nine tier candelabra, together with the music, creates a romantic setting. In the subtle hues of the flickering candlelight, the audience will rapture in the slow undulating movements of the dancer. One will be transported to the palace of 1001 nights.

Interaction with the audience
Upon request a dance selection can be made that will allow for audience participation and interaction.