Shisha terrace (at a location of your choice – ask for the possibilities!)

Feel like an arabian pasha!
Dimmed lights, glowing candles, thick rugs and fragrant shishas. Lean back in the fluffy pillows and enjoy the cozy atmosphere with your friends.

The shisha myth
It’s a widespread misunderstanding that smoking shisha causes hallucinations. Shishas are not filled with drugs; only light tabacco types are used. You can enjoy this wonderful treat in the flavours apple, mango, mentha, cherry, grape or pineapple.

Smoking the shisha is an ancient social tradition in arabic countries. Where there is friendship and a love of life, there will be shisha terraces. Smoking shisha is an experience onto itself. You will always find interesting people in its vicinity. In arabic social life, men and women smoke shisha with friends. At home as well as in restaurants and on the terraces of cafés, shishas are shared among friends.

Are you interested in creating an ‘Arabian Nights’ atmosphere at your party? Samir offers several original shishas at his scenic terrace.

Bellydance Performance
Do you want to extend your shisha experience? How about a charming bellydance performance? Feel free to contact us.